Everybody has a dream! What is your dream?

With COVID seemingly past us, the new world order appears to include “working from home” more and visiting the city offices less. High real estate and building prices have an effect on how you can realise your dream home in Melbourne or Victoria.

Melburnians want that dream more than ever before.

There are different choices to make depending on your particular circumstance; this article offers a house design solution for the many different scenarios Melburnians are presented with right now.

Which scenario best suits your circumstance?

Are you to move to the holiday house now that the city isn’t an everyday commute?

You could convert it into that breathtaking oasis you always wanted, and settle by the sea or in that quiet country setting.

We helped these people build their holiday house, capturing the ocean views despite some very restrictive regulations limiting windows.

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Is it better to add that extra study and lounge room to your suburban Melbourne house?

You love where you live but just need extra space and possibly a facelift. We can help you design & construct that much-needed addition. What if we offer your home a facelift, at the same time effectively presenting it as a new home for a fraction of the price.

We were careful with how we extended this family home. We wanted to respect the existing architecture and hopefully improve on it.

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Are you looking to move to that superb suburb that you have always dreamed of but are priced out?

Looking to buy in that dream location but can only afford a compromised house.

murrumbeena two house development, joint venture

We helped this couple with outstanding advice then guided them through a successful project that virtually paid for their family home in their dream suburb.

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Do you want to have your cake and eat it too?

A development on your property that creates your dream home and pays for it in the process. You could create a sizable family home with a good size landscaped courtyard.

Templestowe Development

These people came to us as their home was in desperate need of renovation.

After long discussions about the costs of repair, we offered them a completely different “left field” idea that changed their life. A Two-House Development in lieu of a reno would offer them their dream home and more than pay the bill.

After listening to their needs, we suggested a “lopsided” development where they got more real estate for themselves and offered less to the market, ensuring their dream was not compromised.

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Detonate your existing house and build a brand new energy rated luxury home on your property

Knockdown & rebuild for those who love where they live but loath their existing house. We could help you create that bespoke home that would be a pleasure to reside in.

A breathtaking home could be designed and constructed on your property. A 6- or 7-star energy rated home custom-designed to suits your needs

Read how we have helped many of our clients realise their dreams over the past 30 years. Some of them have posted their feedback on platforms like Facebook & Google.

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Invest in a profitable scenario that creates your dream home and a profit

Purchase a development opportunity that creates your home whilst at the same time offering tremendous financial payback. It may not be your dream home, but given the payoff it may offer, your dream might be a simpler life with much more money in the bank.

Fairfield Units

We started chatting to these people about an extension on their home. Ultimately we digressed at their request, helping them to invest in a very profitable development instead.

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Have you ruled out any chance of transforming your home because you feel it is unaffordable/unattainable?

You may be surprised at how we have helped people like you realise their dream by unlocking their hidden wealth and using it to their advantage. So don’t delete the possibilities before you have spoken to the experts.

We visited these people to help them renovate their dilapidated house. It quickly became obvious they did not have the money to revitalise their home.

Before finishing the meeting, we took the unusual step of offering them an idea that changed their life for the better. We built them two houses and kept one as payment, utilising their equity to their advantage. They could not afford their dream with money alone, but with our help, unlocking their equity awarded them the opportunity to realise their dream.

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Another example of how we helped a couple transform their home without the need for money is the House Trade in Melbourne solution we created for the Seaford couple.

We helped these near-retirees build a new comfortable home on their existing property in exchange for their old, dilapidated house. They also received a very large lump sum payment as part of the agreement.

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With over 30 years as Melbourne’s house design and development experts, we can consult with you on your particular situation and needs, analyse your property and make very astute recommendations that may cover a number of different solutions. Our testimonials page is filled with clients that are happy that we have helped them customise a house design solution for their particular needs. We have proven over this time that the best interests of our clients are at the forefront of our service, offering our “know-how” to literally change people’s lives for the better.

Everybody has a dream! How can we help you realise yours?


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