Joint Venture Unit and Property Development in Melbourne

Do you know the full value or potential of the land you own in Melbourne?

It is likely more than you think!

House Design Solutions work with owners of quality property, unlocking development options that suit their family’s particular needs.

Joint Venture Developments can increase your nest egg, add to your portfolio or upgrade your family home whilst at the same time wiping off the mortgage. No Monetary Cost Options exist where you can pay with equity instead of money using your property’s full value to your advantage.

You do not need to be an expert to profit massively from development; we are the experts, you just need to own the right type of property and consult unbiased experts that understand all of the many options available, and just as importantly, fully understand your particular goals.

We can help you develop yourselves by simplifying what is a very complicated process or we can even go further and offer to team with you in joint venture arrangements that help you reach your goals without the need for risky loans.

Check out our latest Joint Venture recently completed where we built our clients their family home AT NO MONETARY COST through a EQUITY SHARE AGREEMENT.

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    Below is our Joint Venture Two House Duplex Development in Cheltenham, Melbourne