Renovate or Detonate?

This is one of the biggest questions people agonise over!

There is no simple answer when it comes to deciding what is the best way to TRANSFORM your HOME.

House Design Solutions will (at the initial consultation) take all factors into account and advise you on your best strategy moving forward. Talk to us because we are specialists in home renovations in Melbourne!

We renovate or detonate, we build new, and we help develop units. As experts in the field, we will offer the best solution for you on your property.

Sometimes we even suggest options that do not include us. If those options are best for you, we will have no hesitation in recommending them and wish you the best of luck as we are there as your consultants, employed by you, to best serve you.

This is where we differ from a salesperson acting for their employer or a builder providing a so-called “free quote” with no real design or planning expertise to call on. We are specialists in home renovations in Melbourne, so when you contact us, you talk directly to an expert.

Sometimes we look at your property and feel your best option moving forward is to demolish and build new. If this is your best option, then this will be our recommendation.

We provide an extensive service for home extensions and new home builds as well as two-house developments and even multi-unit development. We have 30 years of experience in all types of construction projects; refer to our photo gallery of some examples of new homes we have created.

There are other options that also come into play (options you may not think possible), and as your expert consultants, we will ask questions and analyse all options in order to provide the best solution for your family in your particular case. You may be pleasantly surprised by what options are available.

By inviting us out to visit you and provide a discounted expert consultation with a specialist in home renovations in Melbourne, you will have gained invaluable knowledge on your property and the best way to TRANSFORM your HOME!


Get a copy of our “Renovate or Detonate” report, showing you how we maximise the value of a real property in Melbourne.

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