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Smart Tips to Sell Your House

If you are a property owner in Melbourne and wanting to put your house on the market, chances are you are looking for ways to get back the best from your investment. At House Design Solutions, we have listed a few smart ways to sell your house in Melbourne that may interest you.

Check if your house has development potential

Many properties in Melbourne are hidden gems with potential for development, but the owners just don’t realise. The experts at House Design Solutions have years of experience in property evaluation and inspection, and we know what could make a difference. We can help you to see the full potential of your property and explain to you the smart ways to sell your house in Melbourne that suit your specific needs. If your house meets our set of criteria, we may even purchase it from you at a premium price!

Avoid unnecessary costs

When you sell your house through a real estate agent, there will be a lot of costs and fees involved, from marketing fees, presale clean up, presale makeover and whatnot. Not to mention all the stresses and time involved in preparing your house to make best possible impression at open home inspections. When you sell your property to developers like us, it is one of the top smart ways to sell your house in Melbourne where marketing fees and all the like are absent. Enjoy your big sum of cash, and even bonuses, all tax free!

Price your house properly

When you sell your house with a real estate agent in hope of setting an appropriate price, you may find the tag ‘negotiable’ on your house, which leaves you unsure of how much you can get from your investment. At House Design Solutions, we have none of that. Contact us and our experts will offer you a fixed price with long settlement. Better yet we could even help you move or dispose of your left over waist.

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