What do you need to know about preparing your house for sale in Melbourne?

House Design Solutions has one main top tip! Establish whether or not your house is developable! Developable property is often worth far more than market rate prices. Development companies are able to uncover the potential or hidden value in a property and offer the sellers vastly more than real estate agents may market the property for.

If you’re preparing your Melbourne house for sale, House Design Solutions can offer you a free property assessment so you can find out if your property has development potential.  Don’t commit to a real estate agent before you’ve explored this lucrative opportunity.

The great news is you don’t need to know anything about developing in Melbourne if you consult House Design Solutions, as we are experts in uncovering property potential.

If your property suits our needs, we will make you an offer over the market value under certain conditions. Tax-free financial gains are yours for the taking. When you are considering preparing your Melbourne house for sale, make sure you explore development options first!

Click here to enquire about getting a free property assessment or to contact the House Design Solutions experts today or call 03 9690 0010!


Get a copy of our “Renovate or Detonate” report, showing you how we maximise the value of a real property in Melbourne.

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