Do you have a house up for sale and find yourself wondering how to sell your house for more in Melbourne? You will be delighted to know that many properties in Melbourne have hidden value and are worth much more than you realise! We at House Design Solutions, as property developers, can investigate your property’s potential and make you an offer.

At House Design Solutions, our experts have years of experience in evaluating properties and have the ability to pinpoint any hidden value in your house. If your house passes our initial property assessment, we may introduce a buyer for you or even purchase the house from you for more. Depending on your property and needs, we would either offer to purchase your house at a premium price, or we would help you to learn more about how to sell your house for more in Melbourne. We make property development easy! We will develop your old house while you travel the world or live in an upmarket rental at our expense, then hand you the key to your new home along with a cash bonus!

If you are interested in house selling or property development to make the most out of your assets, contact us today to learn more about how to sell your house for more in Melbourne. We may purchase your house outright with a generous price well above market price, or we will introduce you to someone that will. Contact us today and speak with our experts. We will offer you a free property assessment to see if your house meets our criteria and requirements. If it does, congratulations! You’ve scored yourself a lucrative chance to sell your house for more in Melbourne!


Get a copy of our “Renovate or Detonate” report, showing you how we maximise the value of a real property in Melbourne.

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