Question: What is the most important thing to know when selling your house or property in Melbourne?

Answer: Is it developable?

This should be the first question asked when you are considering selling your Melbourne home. If your property meets certain criteria, it could be sold to a developer way above market rate. Developers often look for the various characteristics that are traditionally undesirable in house sales – things like busy roads, corner lots, close to noisy railway lines, or next to commercial properties are exactly what a developer will pay more for; ironically, this is what limits a traditional sales price.

If you have been wondering what you need to know when selling your Melbourne house, chances are you’ve spoken to local real estate agents about sales price, marketing fees, pre-sale makeover, pre-sales clean up, and all the open for inspections. It can be overwhelming and expensive. But have you spoken to us yet? We are experts at House Design Solutions, and our knowledge of property development is available to you! We can save you all the trouble, under certain conditions, we can offer you well over the market price, and we can help facilitate the purchase of your replacement home.

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We paid well over a million dollars for this shack recently:

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