How To Sell Your House Without Unnecessary Fees

If you have a property for sale in Melbourne, chances are you have been looking around and speaking with real estate agents about sale prices, marketing fees, presale makeover, and all other costs. Also chances are you are shocked and overwhelmed by the costs.

Have you talked to us yet?

What if we say you can sell your house for free in Melbourne? We promise there is no catch! At House Design Solutions, we can offer you a free property assessment so you can figure out if your house has development potential. If it does, then congratulations! We would like to introduce you to our property development program.

If your house meets our requirements, we will gladly purchase your property and offer a price way above average market rates that real estate agents cannot match. Under this WIN / WIN situation we give you the chance to sell your house for free in Melbourne, free of fees, we purchase it, we offer you options to choose from such as a higher price for a long settlement, which allows you to buy your dream home in a different place. Essentially the process will enable you to upgrade and trade your old, ageing house for your dream home while we clear up whatever you left behind. The high price, along with the absent of any marketing fees, selling fees and whatnot, would give you quite a generous sum of cash, and better yet it’s tax free! What could be more empowering for you to go house hunt for your dream forever home than this?

If this lucrative chance to sell your house for free in Melbourne speaks to you, contact the experts at House Design Solutions today! We would give you a free property assessment to see if your house meets the criteria, and all the good things will start from there.

Contact us today and have our experts to answer you ASAP!


Get a copy of our “Renovate or Detonate” report, showing you how we maximise the value of a real property in Melbourne.

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