If you need to sell your Melbourne house quickly, House Design Solutions has some tips that could change your perspective!

1. Discover any hidden value in your property

House Design Solutions are experts in property evaluation, and uncovering hidden value in properties. We have a keen eye for property development and our experience has taught us what key aspects are vital to look for. Uncovering hidden value in a property will enable you more selling power. It’s important to ensure you understand the strengths of your property so you can sell your house quickly at a price that is higher than you may have initially realised.

2. Avoid an uncertain sale price

Selling your home with a real estate agent can be stressful. The sale price is often negotiable, leaving you unsure how much you will really get for your property. Avoiding an uncertain sale price allows you to search for a new home with a firm budget. You secure a certain sale price if you contact House Design Solutions. We can offer you a fixed priceand a long settlement. The sale can be finalised quickly but with a long and certain settlement date you’ll have time to explore your next property purchase.

3. Evade real estate agent fees and hidden selling costs

Selling your property privately to developers will enable you to evade real estate agents fees, the stress and time involved with getting your home ready for open home inspections, and the headaches and cost caused by pre-sale makeovers. Developers will even clear your left over rubbish saving you the cost and effort.

Selling your Melbourne house quickly might be even easier than you could have ever anticipated! Contact House Design Solutions today! If we like what we see we will buy your house for over the market value. Don’t tolerate high real estate agents fees or long selling process. Call House Design Solutions on 03 9690 0010 now!


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