House extension is something that most homeowners in Melbourne have to think about sooner or later. The reason for the extension could be the need for more space or perhaps improving the property value. Whatever the reason is, it’s vital to ensure you only employ experts to perform your proper house extension design in Melbourne.

House extensions are large and time-consuming projects that require expertise; hence they are best carried out by experienced builders and architects. At House Design Solutions, our team of professionals has been involved in the extension business for more than 30 years, so we have hundreds of extensions under our belt. You can say we know our stuff like the back of our hand. When you entrust us with house extension design in Melbourne, our typical process includes initial discussions and a consultation that will lead to the initial design. If you are happy with the initial sketch design and cost estimate, we will move to documentation and finally the actual build.

Initially, we will listen to your extension ideas, discuss and offer advice. If you feel like you can work with us, we will give your home a visit. Our leading house designer Paul Mete will meet you at your home, discuss all the requirements and available options, and provide you with a ballpark figure of the building cost. If you are happy with everything, we will then move to the initial design stage. Our team will measure up your site, listen to your detail brief and then send you the first sketch drawing. A more accurate cost estimate will also be provided since your extension plan has a more measurable shape. Documentation and the process of house extension design in Melbourne will take place shortly after!

Your dream home is really only one phone call away. Why not call the experts at House Design Solutions today? Find out how we can transform your home!


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