Question: Can you sell your home above market value?

Answer: Yes, if your property has developable qualities.

You probably know there are specific attributes that make your house least desirable if normally sold through a real estate agent. Main or busy roads, corner sites, homes near commercial activity, and noisy rail lines often decrease the home’s value.

But are you aware that these exact attributes are often what property developers are searching for, and they are willing to pay a premium to get them? If your current home has undesirable home aspects, you may be able to sell your home above market value!

What’s even better is that you don’t need to be a developer to profit from property development. You just need to be the owner of a certain type of property!

Under certain conditions, House Design Solutions can offer you above-market value for your property. Contact your local agents, have them provide you with a valuation, have them run through their advertising fees, their commissions, and the costs associated with the pre-sale makeover/clean up and then speak to us.

Don’t believe we can?

We paid well over a million dollars for this run-down shack in Fairfield recently.

How To Sell Your House For More

We are currently turning it into this amazing complex!

Sell Your Home Above Market Value


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